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Meet Powerlifting, Bikini Competitor and Magnum Athlete, Danielle Rideout. You’d never guess that this strong and sexy athlete once was an asthmatic kid!  Find out what Danielle loves most about Powerlifting and Bikini competitions and how she stays on top of the game for both sports.

  • Hometown: Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Current Location: Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Height: 5’2”
  • Weight: 136 lbs
  • Age: 33
  • Favorite Book: Life’s Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard
  • Favorite Beauty Product: Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer

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For those unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved in the fitness industry?

You could say I’m not your ‘typical’ athlete because I did not participate in any sports as a child. I was actually the ‘asthmatic’ kid in the corner. When I started getting interested in fitness, I stayed in the women’s only area and become a cardio ‘bunny’. Later, I suffered a back injury, and I had no choice, but to get stronger; that’s when I started lifting weights and fell in love with it! My first Bikini competition was in a non-drug tested event which left me very discouraged. When you place a natural athlete up against someone who isn’t natural, there’s no comparison. That’s when I decided to become involved in powerlifting; it is drug tested, and I felt it’s a more even playing field. After competing in and winning a couple of provincial titles, I discovered UFE, which is drug tested. I was hooked again, and the rest is history!

What were your biggest challenges when you first started training?

One of my biggest challenges was finding events that were natural shows. Newfoundland is not very big and it’s only been two years since the first ever natural show was held; thankfully, it’s grown a lot since then!

How do you feel Powerlifting has helped you in your Bikini Competitions?

Powerlifting builds muscle PERIOD! I feel Powerlifting really started me off with a great base to use for Bikini competitions.


How did you become involved with Magnum Nutraceuticals? And tell us a little bit about the demos and what you love most about them?

I’m part owner of a training center, Heavyweights. Magnum contacted our center because they were looking to sponsor a Newfoundland female athlete; they asked if we had any suggestions, and we did! After they looked at our list, they contacted me and asked why I hadn’t submitted anything for myself. At that time, I really hadn’t thought about being sponsored, but now that I am, I love giving Magnum demos! I love having the opportunity to speak to so many different people and to educate them on what products would work best for them! That’s the same reason I became a trainer, to help people reach their goals; it’s a fantastic feeling!

What Magnum products are you currently using?

  • Quattro
  • Performance Greens
  • High-5
  • Heat
  • G-Spring
  • E-Break

What is the one Magnum product you couldn’t live without that enables you to reach your Powerlifting goals? And what is the one Magnum product that you feel helps you the most during Bikini prep?

Danielle’s Powerlifting Stack:

  • Quattro
  • Big C
  • Primer
  • Mimic

I hit three PR’s in one week using Primer!

Danielle’s Bikini Prep Stack:


What does your current training look like?

My training Split tends to be a little different! (Laughs)

Danielle’s Training Split:

  • Monday: Light Squats/Bench/Abs/Glutes
  • Tuesday: Conditioning
  • Wednesday: Heavy Squats/Bench/Abs/Glutes
  • Thursday: Conditioning
  • Friday: Light Squats/Heavy Bench/Heavy Deadlifts
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

What is your favorite exercise and why?

I would have to say Squats! I love them because they work so many different muscles. Squats burn calories while working almost every muscle. Plus it was my first lift I hit 300lbs on, which I’m very proud of.

How does your training differ as you get you get closer to a competition for Bikini/Powerlifting?

My training differs quite a bit when I get closer to Bikini/Powerlifting competitions. As I get closer to Bikini, I limit the heavy lifting, as my caloric intake decreases, but I increase the conditioning. And for Powerlifting it’s just the opposite! I start limiting the conditioning, so it won’t take away any energy from my heavy lifts, and I am able to focus on getting my 1 rep max up.

What does your current diet look like? And what is your current nutritional strategy?

For my diet, I like to keep it simple and well, I love chicken! (Laughs)

Danielle’s Daily Diet:

  • Meal 1: 2 slices Turkey Bacon, 2 Whole Eggs, ½ cup Spinach and ½ Grapefruit
  • Meal 2: Chicken Salad
  • Meal 3: Vegetable Juice with 1 scoop Quattro Protein
  • Meal 4: (Pre Workout) 1 Apple
  • Meal 5: (Post Workout) 1 scoop Quattro, 1 scoop Performance Greens and 1 Banana
  • Meal 6: Chicken with Rice

How does your diet differ as you get you get closer to a competition for Bikini/Powerlifting?

As I get close to competitions, I like to change my ratios and go higher protein, higher fats and lower my carbs. It’s what works best for me, and I enjoy it. The big difference is competition day, for Bikini, very low carb, and for Powerlifting, very high.

What’s the one thing you look forward to treating yourself to after a Bikini competition? And what do you look forward to treating yourself to after a Powerlifting competition?

(Laughs) Well for that, both are the same; it’s pizza. I love pizza, and it’s my weakness! (Laughs)

Tell us about the tattoo on your wrist, and do you have any plans for more?

The tattoo on my wrist says “Life begins outside your comfort zone”. I’ve always been a shy person, but the bigger the risk, usually the bigger the reward. But the reward never comes if you stay where you’re most comfortable. Usually, you have to go outside of your own boundaries, and that’s where the magic happens. I have three tattoos and there is one that I’ve always wanted, but it’s huge, so I’m waiting to get that one.

Do you have any special beauty tips you’d like to share?

I’m honestly pretty laid back with my beauty routine. Usually, I don’t even wear makeup on a regular basis. I’m big on cleanser and moisturizers, but if anyone wants to show me how to use a bronzer, it’d be really appreciated. (Laughs)


What do you do to relax when you’re not working out?

I hike a lot, and I have four big dogs, so they require a lot of outdoor time too. I actually just took up vegetable gardening, and I now grow my own lettuce, spinach, pepper, cucumbers, strawberries and tomatoes. I find it very relaxing to be in my own space, working with nature.

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