Fitness Model & Magnum Athlete Bry Jensen Talks With

Meet Fitness Model and Magnum Athlete, Bry Jensen. Bry is a fiery red head who loves doing random acts of kindness. Find out how Bry got started in the fitness community and what sets her heart afire!

  • Hometown: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
  • Current Location: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
  • Height: 5’2”
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Age: 27
  • Favorite Beauty Product: I recently discovered Moroccan oil; it’s a game changer!
  • Favorite Lift: Lateral Raise and Shoulder Press

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For those unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved in the fitness industry?

Although I was truly never very athletic for most of my life, I was involved in things like martial arts and gymnastics. I wasn’t very coordinated or physically skilled, and it certainly wasn’t my field of interest. My non athleticism was only exacerbated when I got pertussis, better known as whooping cough, and scarring of my lungs in the second grade. I was, and still am, definitely more academic than an athlete, and for the majority of my life I have pursued academics with a great passion. I have completed my university degree in History/Anthropology in 3.5 years and a Masters is still in my future! During my academic pursuit, I was very inactive in sports and because I have always been very petite, I never gave it much thought. My lung issue continued to grow worse and worse, until it got to the point where at 19 years old, I was struggling to climb the stairs. This was my so called ‘wakeup moment’, and I began to rapidly educate myself about the world of fitness. Surprisingly along the way, I found a passion for it! I started blogging my experiences, and I gained a following. Before I knew it, I was doing photoshoots and being contacted by big and exciting names, and the rest is history!

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What were your biggest challenges when you first started training?

Definitely the issue with my lungs because they just didn’t want to cooperate! There was also a monumental amount of contradictory information about fitness and health, so it was very difficult to figure out where to get my information from and which sources I could trust. Sometimes the real science would be counterintuitive, and the other information was just too good to be true. So, it was quite a challenge to nail down the fundamentals and determine what would work best for my body.

Tell us about some of the fun things you do to give back to your community.

I’m a massive believer in doing ‘random acts of kindness’. Depending on where I am and who I see around me, I try to do at least one random act of kindness a day. It always amazes me how doing even the smallest act of kindness for another person in my community can brighten someone else’s day, as well as my own! I also have an active role working with children with special needs, doing physical activities, behavioral interventions and respite care; this is truly the most fulfilling work that I do!

How did you become involved with Magnum Nutraceuticals? And tell us a little bit about the demos and what you love most about them?

Magnum approached me based on the recommendation of a local supplement store owner, who I am extremely grateful to! I was still fairly new to the fitness industry when this opportunity was presented to me. I was really ‘wowed’ by my very first meeting with Magnum’s President, Markus Kaulius and Vice President, Bert Neibergall; they both spoke with so much passion about Magnum, and I was awed by their integrity. Markus’s approach to supplementation still sticks with me today, and I have so much respect for the principles behind the Magnum Company. Since that day, I’ve never used another brand’s product, because I believe SO strongly in Magnum. To me, the meeting was the most serendipitous god send!

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I’ve been demoing for Magnum for several years now, and I’ve been everywhere from Chilliwack to Vancouver, and everywhere in between for the demos! Demos are an amazing experience, because you will encounter so many different fitness oriented people with their own philosophies, interests and training goals. But yet, Magnum is appropriate for all of them! I love being able to say to people, “Oh, I have just the thing you need!” I would have to say that my favourite aspect of doing the demos is getting the opportunity to meet so many supplement store staff members; they always have such amazing things to say about Magnum. Hearing their enthusiasm for Magnum’s products backed by their own expertise is a very rewarding experience.

What Magnum products are you currently using?

Carne Diem is my current absolute favourite! I could not believe how much energy it gave me, and how much leaner I looked so quickly! Here’s my full stack and when I take them:

Bry’s Magnum Stack:

  • Morning: Tonic, Acid and Carne Diem
  • Pre Workout: DNA (Heavy Lifting Days) Opus, and Volume
  • Intra Workout: Hi5 (Especially for Cardio)
  • Evening: Tonic, Acid, Carne Diem and After Burner
  • Variable: Quattro, and Mimic (High Carb Meals)

What does your current training look like?

Bry’s Training Split:

  • Monday: Shoulders (Heavy Low Reps)/Abs/Cardio (Sprints)
  • Tuesday: Quads/Glutes (Circuits)
  • Wednesday: Back/Abs/Cardio (Elliptical)
  • Thursday: Arms (High Volume Reps)
  • Friday: Shoulders/Glutes/Hamstrings (Medium Reps)
  • Saturday: Cardio/Core
  • Sunday: Rest

What’s your favorite exercise and why?

My favorite exercise is anything to do with Shoulders because I want mine to grow! (Laughs) I’m obsessed with having amazing shoulders. Probably lateral raises, because they make me feel the burn like nothing else!

What does your current diet look like?

Bry’s Daily Diet:

  • Meal 1: (Breakfast/Pre Workout) 4 Egg Whites and ½ cup Cooked Steel Cut Oats, or 1 scoop Quattro Protein Shake, 1 Banana or medium sized piece Fruit
  • Meal 2: (Post Workout) 1 scoop Quattro Protein Shake
  • Meal 3: (Lunch) 4-6 ounces Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, 3 ounces Yams Mashed or Fries and 1/3 cup Chopped Nuts
  • Meal 4: (Mid-Day Snack) 1 cup Vegetables and Dip or 2 Rice Cakes and 1 tablespoon Peanut Butter
  • Meal 5: (Dinner) 4-6 ounces Chicken or 4 ounces Extra Lean Beef, 2-3 cups Salad or Stir Fried Vegetables and ½ cup Brown or Thai Rice
  • Meal 6: (Evening Snack) 3 cups Air Popped Popcorn or ½ cup Greek Yogurt

What’s the one food you couldn’t live without? And how do you handle cravings?

Fruit, mostly! I mean, I am also in love with Churros, but I can go a lot longer without that than without some sort of fruit. Fruit is what I craved the worst during my contest prep. For cravings, I find tea to be the ultimate craving buster. I can get the most diverse array of flavors with tea, plus it’s warm and soothing. The comfort I get from the tea is usually strong enough to prevent me from diving into any foods that I shouldn’t be eating. And tea makes me feel fuller too. My tea collection is almost obscene! (Laughs)

What’s something that not many people know about you?

I grew up in the punk rock scene, and I still absolutely love the punk rock world. Leather and spikes, and wild colored hair are way more my aesthetic than the glam world!

Do you have any special beauty tips you’d like to share? And being so fair skinned, do you avoid the sun or do you apply sunblock?

I consider myself a beauty derp. (Laughs) I still don’t know how to contour or pull off some of those amazing artful looks that so many girls can create. My only real beauty tip of any use is that gel eyeliner will get your wing straighter and sharper than pencil or liquid liner ever will; it’s so easy to use, even if you have shaky hands! I’m practically ‘Kryptonian’ in my love for the sun; it is where I draw all my power and energy from! Which is all the more reason to have a good SPF. The few face products I do use have an SPF 30 built in, and I usually supplement with a good sunblock.

Ron Perron

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the fitness industry?

The first love of my heart and primary hobby is history, and I put it into my life as much as possible. I have a degree in history, and I am continuing to pursue my masters. I travel to historic locations, and often get confused for the local tour guide! (Laughs) I podcast and watch documentaries and devour historical fiction media too; if its history, and mostly accurate history, I’m on it. My other major love is travelling, which is almost inextricable from my love of history. So far, I’ve been to 24 countries, and I love experiencing other places and cultures, and the sites of significant events. My more casual hobbies include reading, gaming, the internet as a whole, gardening succulents and lavishing dogs with affection.

Photo credits: Eva Simon, Noel Daganta and Ron Perron

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