Musclerich Apparel Review: Black MONACO V-Waist Leggings

Musclerich Apparel Review: “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings for Women

Product: Musclerich Apparel’s “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings for Women
Color: Black
Price: $74.35 USD/$95.00 CAD

I’m always on the lookout for solid fitness clothing that I LOVE to wear to the gym and that will hold up well from workout to workout. So I was happy to find Musclerich Apparel which has a variety of threads for both men and women, and I’m excited to share some of their awesome apparel with you!

Beastly Item: Musclerich Apparel’s Black “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings for Women


Musclerich Apparel’s black “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings are made from 73% polyester and 27% spandex. These leggings have a low rise v-waist and are accessorized on the back side with a pocket, zipper and a gold Musclerich Apparel logo. The “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings also include the Musclerich Apparel’s gold logo on the leg.


Why I love Musclerich Apparel’s “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings for Women!

  • Musclerich Apparel’s “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings lend themselves to every training session I have had in the gym.
  • I’m especially enjoying wearing these leggings on glute and hamstring day!
  • The “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings are super soft and extremely comfortable.
  • These super soft leggings fit perfectly and really help show off ‘curves’.
  • I’m really loving the low rise v-waist; it’s one of my favorite features.
  • I really like the sexy gold logo details on these leggings.
  • The “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings are durable and they don’t snag on the equipment.
  • I also love these black leggings because when I spill my pre/intra workout on them; it doesn’t stain!
  • The “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings hold up great in the wash, which is a huge plus in my book!
  • Although I’ve been wearing these leggings mainly for weightlifting, I think anyone who loves being active would really enjoy wearing them too!
  • I also will be wearing The “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings for yoga and on my rest days too!

Beastly Tips:

For accurate sizing, be sure to check out Musclerich Apparel’s size chart. I’ve found that their size chart is very accurate and true to size.



Overall, I give Musclerich Apparel’s black “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings a 5/5.

Musclerich Apparel’s black “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings have fast become my favorite pair of leggings to train in. I love them so much, I will be purchasing another pair to replace some of my workout pants.

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Beastly Note

I am a brand ambassador for Musclerich because I LOVE their Fitness Apparel!

I hope you found this review of Musclerich Apparel’s black “Monaco” V-Waist Leggings helpful. If you did, leave a comment below and share it with your friends. Thanks!

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