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Meet Men’s Physique Competitor and Magnum Athlete Brandan Leadbeater. Brandan got involved in fitness in his early teens. Over that time he has build an incredibly rock solid physique. Brandan’s secret for getting washboard abs just might surprise you!

  • Hometown: New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Current Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Off Season Weight 185 lbs
  • Age: 25
  • Favorite Lift: Deadlifts and Reverse Pec Dec Fly’s
  • Favorite Style of Cardio: Stairmaster-HITT

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Team Wawryk

For those unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved in the fitness industry?

I got involved in fitness when I was about 13 years old. I was a competitive athlete back then, and I got tired of my older brother pushing me around. So, I joined a gym in my hometown that focused on Olympic style lifting. After years of training and helping my friends, I decided I wanted to challenge myself on a diet plan. At that time, my friend was preparing for a NSABBA show; I followed his plan and it got me really motivated. That same year, Men’s Physique was added to SABBA and it was a perfect match for me! Three years ago, in my first show, I placed 4th place, and I actually had no intention of ever doing another show. But I was encouraged by IFBB Pro Chris Pylypchuk; he gave me the motivation to continue, and the rest is history!

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How long have you been working with Team Wawryk?

I’ve been a coach with Team Wawryk since September 2015. Prior to that, I had been training under Chris Pylypchuk since December 2013.

Tell us about your current hairstyle.

(Laughs) Well, if you’ve ever seen Phil from the Rugrats; I think you get the picture! (Laughs)

How did you become involved with Magnum Nutraceuticals? And tell us a little bit about the demos and what you love most about them?

I got involved with Magnum in November of 2015. I reached out to Markus Kaulius because I loved what he was doing with Magnum, and I wanted to be a part of it. I felt Magnum was a solid brand and something more than just a fad or money driven company. Magnum got back to me within several weeks, and I’ve got to tell you, I love these guys! Seriously, I have nothing but absolute respect for them. Everyone at Magnum not only works hard, but they sincerely care about what they do. It makes demoing Magnum’s products easy, and there truly is a stack for everyone! Magnum truly is a company that cares for its customers, and Magnum products always have just what the label says; that’s why I use their products!

What Magnum products are you currently using?

Brandan’s Magnum Stack


  • Performance Greens
  • Primer
  • HI-5
  • G (Throughout the day in my water)
  • ACID (3 x a day)
  • Mimic (Prior to cheat meals)

Pre Workout

  • BIG C
  • Limitless

Intra Workout

  • Opus (This is my favorite Magnum Product)

Post Workout

  • BIG C
  • Before Bed
  • G-Spring
  • E-Brake
  • After Burner

What does your current training look like?

Typically, I don’t have a ‘rest day’. I take a day off when my body needs it, or if life becomes busy; then I just continue to the next day of my split.

Brandan’s Training Split

Day 1: Shoulders (Rear Focus)/Abs
Day 2: Glutes/Quads
Day 3: Chest/Triceps
Day 4: Hamstrings/Abs
Day 5: Back/Biceps
Day 6: Shoulders (Heavy)
Day 7: Repeat

What’s the secret to your incredible lower and upper abdominal development?

(Laughs) Well, if I can give you one fun fact about me, when I’m prepping for a show, I do 8 minute abs every day! I have other days that I train my abs throughout the week, but I always do 8 minute abs for contest prep, and it seems to be working!


What does your current diet look like?

My diet plan right now consists of 6 meals a day, and roughly 3,200 calories.

Brandan’s Daily Diet

  • Meal 1: 1 1/2 Cups Egg Whites and 3/4 Cup Oats
  • Meal 2: 6 Ounces Ground Chicken and 1 Cup Rice
  • Meal 3: 6 Ounces Ground Chicken and 1 Cup Rice
  • Meal 4: 6 Ounces Ground Chicken and 1 Cup Rice
  • Meal 5: 5 1/2 Ounces Ground Beef and 7 Ounces Potato
  • Meal 6: 2 Cups Greek Yogurt and 1 1/2 Cups Berries

What’s the one food you couldn’t live without? And how do you handle cravings?

I really enjoy sweets. I don’t care what it is either; if it’s sweet, I want it! (Laughs) I also love pizza! Handling it isn’t an easy task. I work in an industry where people tend to eat for the most part, really bad. So I see a lot of donuts, pizza and whatever other five minute supper that they put together the night before. Currently, in my meal plan I’m able to include 3 cheat meals a week. I’m not going all out by any means; it might just be having a simple burger, a slice or 2 of pizza, or maybe a bowl of popcorn. As competition heats up and the calories start to matter, I actually find it a lot easier because I’m too focused on my show to care about the cravings.

Do you prefer doing fashion or fitness shoots and why?

I like both; they both bring different opportunities to the door, and I like to be in different roles. My fitness shoots are fun, but I always seem to like how my fashion shoots come out better!

If you could be featured in one magazine what would it be and why?

I would love to be in Inside Fitness; it’s Canadian, and I’d be happy to represent my country. A lot of amazing athletes have been in this magazine, and it would be great to be with them.

What do you do to relax when you’re not working out?

Nothing is more relaxing to me than just going home to my girlfriend Domini and the kids. All the fitness stuff doesn’t matter there. Just us, a movie and some quality time together; that’s the best!

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