Product Review: The Original Vortex Mixer by PROMiXX

Product: The Original Vortex Mixer and Upgrade Pack by PROMiXX

PROMIXX Original Vortex Mixer EUR 18.99
PROMiXX Upgrade Pack EUR 16.99

Colors: Limited Edition Hot Pink, Original High Gloss Black and Artic White

I make a lot of protein shakes, and lately I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about PROMiXX’s Original Vortex Mixer. So, I was excited when Brett from PROMiXX let me give their mixers a whirl!

What is The Original Vortex Mixer?

The Original Vortex Mixer by PROMiXX is a lightweight mixer used for blending supplement powders. The PROMiXX mixer enhances the taste of all supplement powders and improves their flavors. The mixer has an X-shaped blunt blade which whips up a smooth shake in 5 seconds.


What is the Upgrade Pack?

The Upgrade Pack is an accessory to the original PROMiXX Vortex Mixer. The Upgrade Pack includes a lithium-ion rechargeable motor and a supplement storage unit, the Nutripod.



Here’s what I’ve found

  • The Original Vortex Mixer is surprisingly lightweight as opposed to other blenders/mixers.
  • The Original Vortex Mixer will be easy to pack and use while travelling.
  • This mixer is also very quiet, and I can use it in the early morning hours without waking anyone before heading to the gym.
  • In 5 seconds, I had a very smooth lump free shake; yum!
  • This protein shake was absolutely delicious and bursting with flavor.
  • I really liked that I could mix my shake and then drink it right out of the container; this makes the mixer very practical.
  • The lid on the mixer seals tight and is leak proof.
  • I really like the X-shaped blade; this makes for easy clean up.
  • The Upgrade Pack is a must for the office or for traveling; it’s lightweight and portable.
  • The Upgrade Pack contains a cool little storage unit to hold all of your supplements.
  • I also love the sleek colors that both The Original Vortex Mixer and Upgrade Pack come in. My favorite is of course the Limited Edition Hot Pink!

Beastly Notes

The Original Vortex Mixer is made PBA Free plastic.


Overall, I give this product a 5/5.

I will absolutely be using The Original Vortex PROMiXX Mixer for my early morning pre workout shakes. The PROMiXX Mixer has become a Beastly staple in my house and a travel essential too!

If you are looking for a lightweight durable mixer to make deliciously lump free protein shakes, I highly recommend you give The PROMiXX mixer a try; you won’t be disappointed.

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