Nutrition Beast Interviews Magnum Athlete Justine Salette

Meet Magnum Athlete Justine Salette. Justine is fun loving and beaming with confidence. Find out how despite many challenges, she transformed her body. Her story will inspire you!

  • Hometown: Montreal/Laval
  • Current Location: Ste-Thérèse, QC, Canada
  • Height: 5’2”
  • Weight: 118 lbs
  • Age: 18
  • Favorite Color: Poppy (red/orange) and blue!
  • Favorite Body Parts to Train: Legs and Shoulders

Website and Social Media
Instagram: @JustineSalette
YouTube: Justine Salette
Facebook: Justine Salette

For those unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved in the fitness industry?

I have always been kind of a ‘sporty’ girl. I’ve been involved in competitive sports such as American Football, running, track and field, and competitive cheerleading. These sports influenced and changed my life in a lot of ways. After being involved in such a variety of sports, I only wanted to do intense training; my main goal in each sport, has always been to push myself as far as possible.

After I achieved the highest peak I could in each of these sports, I still needed MORE. So, at the age of 15, I began fitness and weight lifting. At that time, I had a severe problem with my body image. I was a skinny ‘stick’ and would drop weight like crazy, even before I became involved in fitness. I had been influenced by all of the models on social media, and it became a body and health battle; that I decided I needed to manage. I took the bull by the horns all by myself back then, and I did it!


When I started, I did not have access to a gym, so I trained at home for about two years with my own dumbbells and equipment. But, I had a vision of what I truly wanted and nothing could stop me even to this day! Nowadays, I’ve experienced and learned so much too. I’ve tried and failed, always all by myself, and now, I could not be more grateful and proud to have accomplished all these things on my own!

What were your biggest challenges when you first started training?

Back then, I did not have all of the support that I needed. My friends and family did not support what I was trying to achieve or ‘create’; this was probably due to the fact that at that time, I had body image issues, and it was draining my energy. I was really influenced by external opinions at that time, so it was really hard to deal with. But, in another way, it did build what I have today; strength, power and independence. I learned to take and let go, and to deal with outsiders who may think that I am either ‘weird’, different or maybe don’t share in my ideologies. I think one of the hardest things for me was to accept and let go of the fact that some of the people I loved most were not supporting me, but even though they didn’t understand, I kept on building my dreams.

How did you become involved with Magnum Nutraceuticals? And tell us a little bit about the demos and what you love most about them?

Magnum Nutraceuticals noticed me on social media! They saw that I was sponsored by Popeye’s Supplements, Quebec, and that I was best friends with Magnum Athlete, Valerie Benoit, obviously! (Laughs) I LOVE demos! Especially when there are a lot of people around! I am an energy kid and a real fire cracker by nature, so having heaps of people around who I can share and talk to is truly amazing for me! I used to work at Popeye’s as a sales person, so it’s real easy for me to make suggestions and help people with supplements, food and training. So, knowing I can make a change by providing the best products on the market for people is truly AMAZING!

What Magnum products are you currently using?

Justine’s Daily Stack

  • HI-5 BCAA’s
  • Greens
  • G
  • Quattro Peanut-Butter Chocolate
  • Opus

Justine’s Current Fat Loss Stack

  • Magnum E-Brake
  • Tonic
  • Heat
  • Acid

I just LOVE this Fat Loss Product Stack!

Sometimes, I also use these Magnum products to either enhance my workouts or help build muscle mass during building season or simply because I don’t take them year round:

  • Big-C
  • G-Spring
  • Volume

What does your current training look like?

Justine’s Routine

Monday: Leg Day

  • Dumbbell Sumo Squats 5 x 15
  • Lying Leg Curls 4 x 20 (Superset)
  • Dumbbell deadlifts 4 x 15
  • Machine Hack Squats 5 x 8
  • Machine Hyperextensions 6 x 30
  • Dumbbell Walking Lunges 5 x 20 (Superset)
  • Machine Leg Extensions 5 x 10
  • Calf Raises 4 x Failure

Tuesday: Shoulders

  • Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises 5 x 20
  • Machine Press 4 x 15
  • Standing Barbell Front Raises 5 x 25 (Superset)
  • Cable Front Raises 5 x 15
  • Seated Arnold Dumbbell Press 4 x 20
  • Cable Rear Delt Fly’s 5 x 15 (Each arm)
  • Machine Lateral Raises 6 x Failure

Wednesday: Leg day

  • Seated Leg Curls 5 x 15
  • Smith Machine Lunges 5 x 10 (Each leg)
  • Cable Glute Kickbacks 4 x 50 (Each leg)
  • Machine Glute Kickbacks 5 x 12 (Superset)
  • Jumping Squats 5 x 12 (Holding weight plate in hands)
  • Dumbbell Single Legged Deadlifts 4 x 20 (Each Leg)
  • Machine Hip Abduction 4 x 10 (Superset)
  • Side Glute Kicks (Using resistance bands) 4 x 20 (Each leg)

Thursday: Back

  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 6 x 12
  • Bent- Over Barbell Rows 4 x 15
  • Straight Arm Pulldowns 4 x 30 (Superset)
  • T-Bar Rows 4 x 12
  • Cable Deadlifts 5 x 10
  • Chin Ups 5 x Failure (Superset)
  • One Arm Dumbbell Rows 5 x 8 (Each arm)
  • Standing Close Grip Cable Rows 3 x 30

Friday: Legs

  • Alternate Jumping Lunges 5 x 25 (Superset)
  • Machine Hyperextension (Using weight) 5 x 30
  • Good Mornings (Using Hack Squat) 5 x 15
  • Single Legged Deadlifts (Using cable) 6 x 20
  • Standing Sumo Dumbbell Squats 5 x 8
  • Barbell Hip Thrusts 5 x 15
  • Leg Extensions 4 x 50 (Superset)
  • Calf Press (Using Leg Press) 4 x 24

Saturday: Chest/Arms/Abs

  • Cable Chest Fly’s 5 x 30 (Superset)
  • Machine Chest Fly’s 5 x 15
  • Standing Alternating Curls 4 x 20 (Superset)
  • Push Ups (Feet elevated on Bosu Ball) 4 x 20
  • Dumbbell Chest Press 6 x 8
  • Cable Curls 5 x 12 (Superset)
  • Plate Curls 5 x Failure
  • Bent-Over Dumbbell Extensions 4 x 15 (Superset)
  • Cable Ab Crunches 4 x 30

(Abs Circuit)

  • V- Ups 4 x 15
  • Side Crunches 4 x 20 (Each side)
  • Machine Leg Raises (Holding dumbbell between feet) 4 x 15
  • Russian Twists (Using Medicine ball) 4 x 30

Sunday: Rest


What is your secret to your incredible arm development?

Training until failure! I love pushing beyond my limits without always establishing pre-made repetitions. This way, you encounter the possibility to maybe set yourself a barrier between what you think you must do, and what you actually can do. Training past the pain for me, is key to growth!

What does your current diet look like?

Justine’s Daily Diet

  • Meal 1: ½ Cup Oats, 3 ½ Ounces Egg Whites, 1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter and 7 Ounces Strawberries
  • Meal 2: 2 White Cheddar Rice Cakes, 2 Tablespoons Unsweetened Jam, 1 Cup 1% Cottage Cheese and ½ Scoop Magnum Quattro Protein
  • Meal 3: 4 ½ Ounces Chicken Breast, 7 Ounces Zucchini, 1 Cup Fat-Free Cheese and 3 ½ Ounces Red Bell Peppers
  • Meal 4: 3 ½ Ounces Extra-Lean Ground Meat, 5 Ounces Sweet Potato and 1 Cup Broccoli
  • Meal 5: 1 Quest Protein Bar
  • Meal 6: 7 Ounces Egg Whites, 2 Tablespoons PB2, 3 ½ Ounces Low Carb Yogurt and 1 Tablespoon Almonds

What’s your favorite flavor of protein powder?

Quattro Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Powder by Magnum; Reese’s life basically! (Laughs)

Do you have a sweet tooth? And what is your favorite treat?

Oh yes; I adore donuts! Fudge, frozen yogurt with ‘all’ of the toppings, Reese’s, cookie dough, brownies and frosted animals! And cookies too; big soft moist cookies!

Do you have any special beauty tips you’d like to share?

My number 1 beauty tip; CONFIDENCE! Having self-love and a bright smile never gets old and will leave every single one using it feel ‘alive’!


Tell us about your recent trip to Florida. Was this your first time to Florida, and tell us about some of the adventures you had while you were there.

It was not my first trip to Florida; however, I adored my trip with Valerie! We took some time to relax, but we still trained on our business and at the gym every morning. (Laughs) We watched fireworks on the beach for New Years and we swam in the ocean. We explored the town, shot at a shooting range for the love of ‘extreme’ sensations, and we ate froyo, donuts and fudge; so memorable!

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the fitness industry?

I am an ‘extreme’ sensation lover, sports freak and a travel bug! I love sharing, meeting new people and learning every day. I love seeing the differences around the world, experiencing the most out of my life knowing I can make a change in other people’s lives too!

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