Q&A with Pureline Nutrition Bodybuilder & Nutrition Expert Aaron Garza

Aaron Garza is the guru behind Pureline Nutrition. In this Q&A Aaron discusses what Pureline Nutrition offers and he discusses how you can take your fitness and weight loss goals to the next level.

For those unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved in the fitness industry?

Sure, my name is Aaron Garza, and I’m the founder and owner of Pureline Nutrition. We are a brand that sells both directly to the customer and we have boutique like corporate and licensed stores where we help to educate people on nutrition, supplementation and body transformation. Our stores are unique in that we only sell our Product Line, and customize and tailor our supplementation to the needs of the individual.


I have been involved in all aspects of the fitness industry for over 20 years, and have competed and earned top finishes in National Level Bodybuilding Competitions. I have also coached both professional and amateur competitors in physique, bodybuilding and bikini. My true love is in the manipulation of the diet and supplementation to help people change their bodies. After leaving the competitive stage in 2004, I turned my focus towards opening gyms and other fitness related business. I have since moved exclusively into the manufacturing and marketing of our Pureline Brand of supplements. I also continue to coach and help both fitness competitors and non-fitness competitors in their quest for superior physiques.

Tell us about Pureline Nutrition, and give us a little background on how it got started and why.

While attending college at Texas Tech University, I was able to work with some key names in the nutrition and supplement industry which really made an impact on me. I learned more and more about how aggressive science based supplementation could change and transform the body. Later, I used that knowledge to help my wife and many others transform their bodies and compete at a high level. During this time, I realized that some of the supplementation that was needed to perform at a top level was not always available or was not available in the dosages, or quantities necessary to perform and achieve optimal results. This is when I dove into the production of supplements which eventually led to Pureline Nutrition and Pureline Nutrition Stores.

Where are your current Pureline Nutrition locations?

We are currently located in Southern Texas with stores in Mcallen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin and Laredo. We also have a significant online presence at www.thepureline.com.

What makes Pureline Nutrition not your ‘typical’ nutrition store? And tell us about The Protein Cookie Company’s Protein Cookies.

Pureline Nutrition starts with the client’s needs and works backwards from there. In most scenarios, an individual will walk into a nutrition store and be ‘sold’ the latest supplement and ‘miracle’ products. We instead, ask the client what he or she is trying to achieve and move backwards. First, we assess their physique using Body Analysis Technology; then we apply proper nutrition and training to the individuals program. Once we have addressed these issues, we then recommend the best supplement system to help the individual achieve their desired results faster.


The Protein Cookie Company created a high Protein Cookie with very low sugar and carbohydrates. The Protein Cookie Team uses a very special blend of whey which is able to withstand baking temperatures, and maintain its integrity and taste after the baking process. Their cookies are truly an amazing snack or treat and can even be utilized as a meal replacement in some instances.

Tell us about the Pureline Nutrition booths that you’ve been setting up throughout your community, and what can we expect to find when we visit them?

We set up ‘Promo Booths’ within the communities that we have Pureline stores in, to help increase our exposure to both the Pureline brand and The Protein Cookie. We usually have samples, meal plans and Pureline Ambassadors on location to answer questions. Usually, anyone who has a question about losing fat, leaning out or living a healthier lifestyle can benefit from our booths.

I’ve heard that lately, The Protein Cookie Company’s Protein Cookies have been flying off the shelves at Pureline Nutrition. What do you contribute such great success to?

The Protein Cookie is a delicious product. Usually a ‘typical’ protein based cookie is loaded with sugar, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients that can actually be worse than a ‘real’ cookie. The Protein Cookie is different; it uses a very special blend of ingredients which have a proprietary process that is required for baking. The Protein Cookie Company has a step by step procedure that is meticulously followed to create its signature taste.


Once a person tastes the finished product, it’s ‘game over’! In fact, people can’t believe how great the cookie tastes even though it has such a low-sugar content and is considered a ‘healthy’ high protein cookie; it’s really an amazing cookie!

Tell us about some of the high quality ingredients in The Protein Cookie Company’s Protein Cookies.

The Protein Cookie Company’s Cookies are high in protein and very low in sugar and carbohydrates. The Protein Cookie Team uses a very special blend of whey which is able to withstand baking temperatures and maintain its integrity, and taste after the baking process. The Protein Cookie Company’s Cookie makes an amazing snack or treat, and can even be utilized as a meal replacement in some instances.

The Protein Cookie Company’s Protein Cookies are also diabetic and kid-friendly, tell us about that.

The Protein Cookie Company Cookie is diabetic friendly and child friendly because of its low- sugar content. The Protein Cookie is sweetened with Stevia and other natural ingredients, which enables The Protein Cookie Team to bring the overall sugar content down significantly.

What flavors do you carry in The Protein Cookie Company’s Protein Cookies?

The Protein Cookie Company’s Cookies come in Chocolate Chip, Dark Cocoa Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter.

Which is the most popular selling Protein Cookie? And do you have a personal favorite?

All the flavors sell very well. The Classic Chocolate Chip and Dark Cocoa Chocolate Chip Cookies are probably slightly more popular than the Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter Cookies, although not by much. Every flavor is great, but I’m a Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie fan myself. I love to keep them in the refrigerator and eat them cold at night as a ‘craving cure’! They make an outstanding deliciously satisfying snack as opposed to an ‘unhealthy’ snack with sugary carbs.

When working with clients at Pureline Nutrition, how do you incorporate The Protein Cookie Company’s Protein Cookies into their meal plans?

When working with clients we add The Protein Cookie Company’s Cookie in as a snack or sometimes even as a ‘better’ choice for those who need something to take the edge off when they’re craving sweets. The Protein Cookie Company’s Cookie is high in protein and low in sugar which makes it ideal for someone who wants to keep blood sugar stable and continue the fat loss process.


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