Women’s Apparel for Fitness Enthusiasts: MIND.HEART.BODY

Happiness is feeling good about yourself and comfortable in your clothing. That’s why I am loving the MIND.HEART.BODY (MHB) clothing line by my good friend and Magnum Athlete, Holly Barker. Holly sent me some great MHB clothing that I’ve been digging at the gym, and I wanted to share it with you.

When you feel good in your clothes, you can get a lot more accomplished both in and of the gym. And one thing’s for sure, wearing the MHB line people will take notice!

Nothing beats a great hat for the gym; just pull the hair up and go!

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This cute MHB hat will surely turn heads; it’s the take charge and get noticed kind of hat that dominates the gym.

These cute little crop tees are so comfy and go perfectly with the MHB yoga pants, or they can be paired with jeans. Lately, I’ve been pairing my crop tee with blue jeans. Gray is my favorite color for fall.


A good pair of yoga pants that fits right is hard to come by. The MHB pants fit great in the butt and thighs, and they fold over which I love absolutely LOVE!


These yoga pants are super soft and comfy, and are perfect to wear in and out of the gym. The pants come in a variety of amazing colors. The MHB logo also comes in a wide range of colors too.

No matter how you wear it or pair it, I know you’ll love the MIND.HEART.BODY line too!

Photo credit: Ana Garcia

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