Low Calorie High Protein Low Fat Tuna Salad with Green Apple

This low calorie tuna salad makes for a delightful light summertime lunch. Make it in a matter of minutes.

Serves: 2
Prep time: 5 minutes

Beastly Ingredients

  • 1 Small green apple chopped
  • 1 Small red onion chopped
  • 2 Celery sticks chopped
  • 4 Tablespoons Greek yogurt
  • 2 Cans Tuna packed in water low sodium




Beastly Instructions

  1. Wash and rinse apple, onion and celery.
  2. Pat with a dry towel.
  3. Chop the apple, onion and celery.
  4. Place them in a large glass bowl and set aside.
  5. Open and drain tuna.
  6. Break apart tuna with a fork; add it to the large glass bowl.
  7. Mix in yogurt.

NB#4  Tuna Salad with Green Apple

Beastly Recipe Notes
  • Mixing in yogurt will give the salad a smooth texture and make it moist.
  • Add a pinch of fresh black ground pepper and Himalayan salt for taste.

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