5 Tips for Weight Loss Success

#1 – Don’t obsess with numbers

People who tend to obsess with their caloric intake tend to binge eat. Unless you’re a competitor or fitness model, this is an unrealistic expectation. Use this simple rule of thumb, eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper for dinner.


#2 – Think before you eat

Always ask yourself, ‘how will this food benefit me?’ Choosing the right foods at the right times will ensure you’re getting the most benefit from them. If a food is highly processed or full of sugar it’s not going to be beneficial to your overall health or weight loss goals.


#3 – Don’t overdo the exercise

Overdoing the exercise will ultimately backfire; it will lead to feeling drained and fatigued. When your body is fatigued, you are far more likely to overeat.


#4 – Have a plan

Successful people always have a plan. Spend time cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator; then stock up on healthy foods to fuel your goals. Being well stocked ahead of time will ensure your success.


#5 – Love what you do and eat

This is the ultimate when it comes to weight loss success. Enjoying the foods you eat and activities you do will lead to an obtainable healthy lifestyle.


Beastly Tips

If you don’t know where to start, pick up a copy of Pantry Raid and get started on tip #4 today! Need more help? I’d love to personally help you reach your ultimate goals.



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