Nutrition Beast: Why I Choose Magnum Nutraceuticals Supplements

I first learned about pharmaceutical grade supplements last year when I was being treated by a toxicologist. My toxicologist put me on high doses of pharmaceutical grade supplements while I was going through chelation; this helped restore what was depleted during the process.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are 99% pure without additives or unnecessary substances and follow strict guidelines to be considered pharmaceutical grade. In most cases non pharmaceutical grade or ‘generic’ supplements contain impure ingredients.

Many times, the raw materials contain less than 90% of the listed ingredients and more than 10% comes from corn starch and lactose. Both corn starch and lactose can cause digestive issues and can weaken the immune system. There is a BIG difference in the quality control and knowing what I would know now, I would never go back to non pharmaceutical grade or ‘generic’ supplements.

Although I no longer need chelation, my toxicologist insisted that I stay on pharmaceutical grade supplements. After many months of sticking to her protocols, I started to do my own research; that’s when I came across Magnum Nutraceuticals. I was highly impressed with Magnum’s ingredients.

I started out by replacing my vitamins and minerals with Primer. Primer was an excellent choice for me because it’s one packet of pills rather than 10-12 bottles that previously lined my kitchen counter. Currently, I’m taking Acid, a healthy fatty acid, HI5, an amino acid, Opus, a pre workout non stimulant and Tonic, a natural testosterone booster. I chose to take Tonic over the hormone replacement my doctor recommended; I refuse to be on any prescription medications.

In the meantime, I have been raving to everyone about Magnum products. After sharing a scoop of HI5 with my chiropractor, he was convinced too and now has added it to his pre workout arsenal. l love this company and their products so much that I have become an ambassador for them.

I’m also recommending Magnum to my clients with food sensitivities and gastrointestinal issues. For me, I feel Magnum is a solid choice and meets the demands for my health and fitness goals. I encourage you to check them out and give them a try.

If you do, let me know in the comment section below.


  1. Love the article and spot on information. My Magnum stack is quite extensive and as my 50th birthday comes near I will be celebrating with a BB contest. A caveat…the company and its executives are what make Magnum what it is, a high quality, integrital family that supports all thing positive.

    • I totally agree, Gerald. I love their products, and the company and what they stand for. That is so great about the bb contest. You’ll have to let us know. I’m sure you’ll place well. Happy Birthday in advance, 50 is the new thirty; especially if you’re on Magnum!


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