Nutrition Beast: Top 10 Weight loss Supplements for Women

These Beastly top picks can help promote and accelerate your weight loss efforts. Just remember nutrition is the major player when it comes to weight loss.

Beastly Pick #1 – Multivitamin

Consuming a multivitamin is essential for your body to function optimally. Taking a daily multivitamin will also support weight loss endeavors. If you have vitamin deficiencies, you will have a harder time taking and keeping off the weight.

Beastly Pick #2 – Protein Powder

Consuming a protein shake will keep you full and help preserve muscle mass as you shed body weight.

Beastly Pick #3 – Greens

Supplementing daily with greens will boost your energy levels. Greens are full of antioxidants, which are beneficial for weight loss. Consuming greens also enhances alkalinity in the body and supports body detoxification.

Beastly Pick #4 – Probiotics

Consuming a probiotic daily is beneficial for over-all gut health. Healthy bacteria are needed in the intestines and can assist with weight loss.

Beastly Pick #5 – Vitamin D

If you’ve been stuck in doors all winter, consider taking vitamin D. Vitamin D has many health benefits including insulin sensitivity, but did you know too little vitamin D can cause an over active appetite? Vitamin D in higher levels has been show to promote fat loss especially in the belly area.

Beastly Pick #6 – Calcium

Calcium is stored in fat cells; the more calcium a fat cell has the more fat the cell will burn. Calcium also works together with vitamin D to help shed unwanted body fat.

Beastly Pick #7 – Magnesium

Consuming magnesium can lower fasting glucose and insulin which can in turn lower your body fat. Magnesium can also help reduce fluid retention during the menstrual cycle and assist in reducing belly bloat.

Beastly Pick #8 – Fish Oil

Fish oil encourages an active metabolism; it also assists in muscle recovery and repair after a physically demanding training session.

Beastly Pick #9 – Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA’s can assist in regulating blood glucose levels. Consuming CLA’s can also encourage fat burning and support lean muscle development as you lose weight.

Beastly Pick #10 – Coffee & Green Tea

Start your morning off right; have a cup of coffee or green tea. The natural stimulants found in coffee and green tea can provide you with energy to get through a grueling workout and give your metabolism an excellent boost. Try it for a pre workout.

Beastly Notes
  • Be sure to read the manufacturer label for the correct supplement doses.
  • Just remember, supplements are just that supplements; if your diet and training stink, you’re wasting your money. Keep your diet in check by picking up a copy of my E-book, Pantry Raid.


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