Nutrition Beast: Top 10 Weight Loss Exercises for Women

Even though your goal is to lose weight, you will need to do a combination of weights and cardio. Weights won’t make you bulky. Training with weights will help promote fat loss and sculpt your body.

Beastly Tips
  • Do your weight training first and then cardio. If you have trained sufficiently, you’ll have drained your glycogen stores. By the time you hit the treadmill, you will be in fat burning mode.
  • Don’t wuss around and train light. Once you feel comfortable, push yourself. Building muscle requires strength, challenge yourself to add more weight to the bar or get an extra rep.
  • Don’t waste your time with isolation exercises. Your main focus should be on compound movements.

Beastly Pick #1 – Squats

Squats will burn calories and increase your metabolism like no other exercise. Squats are great for lower body leg development and muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn.

Beastly Pick #2 – Overhead Press

The overhead press will give you developed shoulders and make your waist appear smaller. Do it standing. Focus on working all of your muscles, while keeping your core tight.

Beastly Pick #3 – Planks

Planks are a great exercise because they work your abs, shoulders and back.

Beastly Pick #4 – Lunges

Lunges are an effective move for tightening your entire lower body. Doing lunges will burn calories and promote fat loss. When you do lunges, push yourself to go farther than the last time you trained.

Beastly Pick #5 – Barbell bench press

The bench press ultimately is another full body movement that activates many muscles and will burn more calories. The bench press works your chest, triceps and shoulders. Your lower body and core work together for stability on the bench.

Beastly Pick #6 – Pull ups

Doing pull ups can increase your metabolism and your ability to burn fat. Pull ups work your back, biceps and forearms. Pull ups also work your abs and obliques; they help stabilize you as you perform the move.

Beastly Pick #7 – Lat pull downs

You can fight back flab and bat wings with this exercise. The lat pull down works several different muscles including the largest part of your back. The lat pull down also works your shoulders and biceps.

Beastly Pick #8 – Kettlebells

If you want to change things up, try kettlebells. Kettlebells target the major muscle groups and stabilizing muscles. Training with kettlebells will rev up your metabolism, burns calories, strengthen your core and improve your balance.

Beastly Pick #9 – Cardio

Don’t always opt for the treadmill; switch it up. Try the bicycle, spinning or the elliptical. Push yourself to get your heart rate up. Vary the speed and the duration you’re cardio program. Don’t forget, do cardio after weights; you’ll burn more calories.

Beastly Pick #10 – Active rest

It’s important to have a day of rest to let your body recover, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Do some yoga, go for a swim, a light walk or go for a hike with friends. Stay active; every little bit will help you burn calories, keep your metabolism revved up and you’ll be closer to your weight loss goals.

Beastly Notes

To get the most out of your training program you must continue to focus on your nutrition otherwise your effort in the gym will go to waste. Nutrition is going to be the major player in helping you achieve the body you desire.

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