Top 10 Supplement Tips: Weight Loss & Muscle Building for Women

Whether your goal is weight loss or building muscle, knowledge is power. With so many supplements on the market, it can become overwhelming selecting what will work best for you and your desired results.

My best advice is not to fall victim to all of the supplement hype. Use these tips to help take some of the guess work out of shopping for supplements. Stop by later this week for the Top 10 Muscle Building Supplements for Women.

Beastly Tip #1-Know your goal

What’s your goal? It sounds pretty simple right? But knowing your goal will keep you laser focused on what you really need to purchase.

Beastly Tip #2-Stick to the basics

No matter your goal you’ll want to have the basics. Stick with a good multivitamin, mineral and a good protein powder. Once you have your basics and know your goal, you can start to build an individualized supplement stack.

Beastly Tip #3-Shop online

Be smart, shop around. When I first started on my own fitness journey, I was very naïve and purchased everything from my local GNC. Once I wised up, I realized there was a whole world of online companies to choose from.

Most online companies have high quality products at very affordable prices, and there’s no pressure to buy. My advice, take your time; read the labels and know what you’re getting. Once you find a company or two you like dealing with, stick with them; from time to time they will send you coupons and have special promotions. When they do, stock up on your protein powder and other supplements.

Beastly Tip #4-Choosing products

Once you find an online store, search their site for the more reputable brands. Look for brands that have minimal ingredients and be cautious of pills with coatings; these coatings can have coloring agents.

Beastly Tip #5-Vegetable caps or powder

Whenever possible select vegetarian capsules or powder form. Vegetarian capsules are easy to open and can be easily mixed into your protein shake. Your body will have an easier time absorbing the nutrient than breaking down capsules made with cellulose and silica.

Beastly Tip #6-Go slow

When trying a new product, start with ½ the recommended dose. See how your body reacts for several days before increasing to the recommended amount.

Beastly Tip #7-Protein Powder

Bloating can be a common occurrence with whey protein powder. If you bloat easily, consider switching to an egg, plant or rice based protein powder. Before selecting a protein powder, read the labels carefully.

Beastly Tip #8-Choose glass over plastic

Shaker cups are great, but never store your shake overnight in a shaker cup. Plastic promotes estrogen and estrogen promotes fat. Store your shake in a glass container and then transfer it to the shaker prior to consuming.

Beastly Tip #9-Trade your protein powder

One of the best ways to try a new protein powder without making an investment is to trade with your friends. Bring a scoop of your protein powder in a sandwich baggie and exchange protein powders. This is a fun and inexpensive way to see if you’ll like a new protein powder before you make a purchasing commitment.

Beastly Tip #10-Make nutrition your # 1 priority

No matter your goal, no amount of supplementation can make up for a lousy diet.
Bottom line is supplements are just that, supplements.

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