20 Nutritional Tips for Eating Clean and Revealing Your Six Pack

If you already eat clean, these 20 tips will take your healthy eating habits to the next level. And if you haven’t started eating clean yet start small. Start by incorporating some of the tips below and over time it will become easier. I promise; eat up!

  1. Eat more fiber. Dietary fiber is good for your gut and prevents constipation. It will also help keep you full.
  2. Choose spinach instead of lettuce. Spinach has a higher fiber content and nutritional value.
  3. Eat blueberries. They are full of healthy antioxidants and are considered a low calorie fruit.
  4. Make sure to include enough healthy fats in your daily diet. Healthy fats are needed to absorb and assimilate nutrients.
  5. Eat a fatty fish such as salmon 1-2 times a week. Your body requires essential fatty acids for lean muscle growth.
  6. Flax, almond butter or peanut butter, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil are healthy fats that should be included in your diet. See tip # 4.
  7. Take a good quality probiotic daily. Probiotics help aid in digestion and protect your stomach from harmful bacteria.
  8. Don’t use the microwave. Cook on the stove top instead. Microwaving food changes its chemical structure. This depletes the food’s nutritional value.
  9. Looking for a sweet treat post workout? Try pineapple; add it to your protein shake or yogurt. Pineapple is full of antioxidants and helps fight inflammation.
  10. Need extra calcium? Eat almonds; they are higher in calcium than any other nut.
  11. Select raw cocoa, it is in the raw form and is unsweetened. Raw cocoa is full of antioxidants and is great for baking.
  12. Eat beans. Beans are a great source of protein and low in fat. For better absorption and to lessen the gas factor, soak the beans overnight; then drain and rinse beans under cold water.
  13. Rinse your grains. Most grains should be rinsed prior to cooking; this will remove excess starch and bitter coatings. Some grains such as quinoa come as ‘prewashed,’ but if you’re not sure, rinsing it will help remove its saponin coating.
  14. Shop your local farmer’s market to ensure that you are getting fresh local produce.
  15. When cooking your eggs on stove top, leave them slightly runny. The yellow in the yolks provides extra nutrients, and you will avoid browning the bottom of the eggs.
  16. Replace your cinnamon with Ceylon cinnamon; it has more health benefits than common kitchen cinnamon, ‘cassia.’
  17. Upon wake up drink a glass of water, this will help hydrate your body after a long night’s rest.
  18. Drink plenty of H20. Water not only keeps you hydrated; it helps distribute nutrients throughout your body.
  19. Drink water from stainless steel or glass instead of plastic. Plastic can promote estrogen and estrogen promotes fat.
  20. Eat a variety of clean foods. This will prevent boredom.

Do you really want to see your six pack pop? Sometimes we all need a little help obtaining our goals. Let me personally help you reach yours.

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