10 Mistakes: That Could Be Keeping You Fat

These 10 mistakes could be keeping you from reaching your goals. If you can avoid some of these common nutritional pitfalls, you will have an easier time keeping the pounds at bay.

  1. Eating sushi. Not all sushi is created equal. Some sushi can have a very high caloric content if it is stuffed with cream cheese, mayo or shredded cheese. And shrimp tempura means it is fried. Stick with the basics, rice, fish, seaweed and vegetables.
  2. Eating too quickly. Slow down when you eat. Chewing aids digestion.
  3. Eating sugary cereals. Replace sugary cereal with oatmeal. Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber and can aide in reducing bad cholesterol.
  4. Eating in front of the television. Don’t eat in front of the television. This will lead to absent minded eating and extra calories.
  5. All ground meat is good for you. Not always, ground turkey can contain fat and skin. Opt for extra-lean turkey or 92% lean ground beef.
  6. Unhealthy choices when dining out. When dining out, order boiled, grilled, or steamed, rather than fried.
  7. Eating whole wheat pasta. Instead of whole wheat pasta, try brown rice or quinoa.
  8. Not eating your fruits and vegetables. How many servings of fruit and vegetables are you eating in a day? Aim for 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
  9. Not getting enough sleep. Get enough sleep. Too little sleep can lead to weight gain.
  10. Being unprepared. It’s all about choices. There’s always a healthy option out there. If you are stuck without food, you can always pick up a piece of fruit and some nuts at a gas station.

Are you having trouble keeping the pounds at bay? Let me help you tip the scale in the right direction; you won’t regret it!

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