25 Bad Gym Habits You Should Ditch

Every now and then we are all guilty of some bad gym etiquette. Listed below are 25 gym habits that are annoying, rude or just plain weird. My advice, ditch them!

  1. You leave your empty bottle of water or energy drink on the floor; someone else can pick it up.
  2. You drink half of your gallon jug and leave it at the gym.
  3. You wipe down the machine before you use it, but not after.
  4. You don’t wipe down the machine before or after you use it.
  5. You talk really loud between sets so everyone can hear you.
  6. You interrupt someone in the middle of their set to ask them a question.
  7. In the middle of someone’s set you ask, “how much longer you gonna be?”
  8. You MUST train chest on Monday and then get irritated when all the benches are being used; you proceed to ask question #7.
  9. You load the bar with lots of plates; when you’re done, you leave them on the loaded bar.
  10. You walk in front of someone while they’re in the middle of a set.
  11. You walk in front of someone while they are doing walking lunges.
  12. You forget to take your nasty sweat towel home with you before you leave.
  13. You spit in the water fountain.
  14. After you’re done with an exercise instead of wiping down the machine with spray and paper towels, you use your nasty sweat towel.
  15. You’re a dumbbell hog and don’t share.
  16. Between sets, you walk around the gym starring at yourself in the mirror.
  17. You spend more time socializing than training.
  18. You park in the handicap zone and you’re not handicap.
  19. In the parking lot there are no parking spaces available, so you block someone in.
  20. You crank the treadmill up to the highest setting and sing really loud; apparently you think you’re alone in the gym.
  21. You ‘forget’ to flush the toilet when you’re done.
  22. When you finish training, you wash your face in the sink and leave the counter sopping wet.
  23. You pull the tags off your new workout outfit and leave them on the bathroom floor.
  24. You miss the trash can and leave your wadded paper towel on the floor where it landed.
  25. After you train, you drink your post workout shake in the car and toss it out the window into the parking lot.

What are you guilty of? Leave a comment in the section below.

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