10 Reasons Why Versa Gripps PRO-Pink Series: PR550 Make a Great Gift

Product: Versa Grippps PRO-Pink Series: PR550

Price: $54.94

The holidays are all about gift giving. What could be a better gift than a pair of Versa Gripps from the Pink Collection to the weightlifter in your life? Unlike gloves, Versa Gripps are durable and will last. And guys, if you have a girlfriend who’s not a weight lifter these sexy little pink Versa Gripps just might entice her to hit the gym with you.

Lately, I’ve given up on gloves because I rip them. I’ve been using my bare hands when I hit the gym. I now have a layer of calluses on my hands, so I was excited to get my hands on a pair of the PRO-Pink series and give them a try.



10 Reasons why Versa Gripps PRO-Pink make a great gift.

  1. Unlike gloves that rip and need replacing; they are a one-time investment.
  2. They are durable and sturdy.
  3. They allowed me to move the weight with ease; I’m already envisioning increasing the weights.
  4. Excellent for pulling and rowing movements.
  5. I’m loving the wide straps; they stay snug on the wrists.
  6. Excellent grip.
  7. Easy to put on and take off.
  8. Fun to wear.
  9. No calluses, means girlie hands.
  10. Because pink is sexy.

Beastly Rating

  • I love them; they rock! Deadlifts will never be the same.
  • Overall, I five this product 5/5.
Beastly Notes

Don’t forget to accessorize with these stocking stuffers from the Pink Collection!

  • Consider picking up the sexy little pink breathable bag to hold your Versa Gripps in. It’s better than searching through your gym bag for them.
  • Stay hydrated with their pink stainless steel water bottle.

I’m ready to hit my back and do some shrugs.


I’m hooked! Grab your own pair, or give them as a gift at Versagripps.com.

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