Baptized in the Holy Spirit

Because I’m pursuing the Lord and stepping out in faith, I wanted to share my recent experience with you. As a baby I was baptized, but as an adult it’s different. During my time in South Florida, undergoing brutal treatments I started reading the Bible. I read the bible every day for several hours a day for 6 months straight. Sometimes the way you find God is when you are truly desperate and believe me, I was desperate!

While in South Florida, I made the decision to be baptized again. I was baptized in a tiny room and sprinkled with water. Nothing happened during the baptism itself, but inwardly my transformation had already begun to take place. Anyone who has gone through this transformation process knows it occurs from the inside out. Time passed and I felt the desire to get baptized in the ocean, not because I had to, but because I wanted too.


Through a good friend, I was fortunate enough to find Chaplin Kelly to baptize me. Words of Wisdom; ask God and don’t force it. When we don’t try so hard and rest in what has already been provided, we can accomplish a lot more because it is not in of ourselves. God will give you the desires of your heart.


The water was rough, but it ended up being the perfect day.


I’ve realized when you give it ALL up to God everything just flows better.

For many years, I was a non-believer or I should say I believed, but I’m not quite sure what I actually believed. Now I know the truth, and there is an undeniably strong power in the Word of God, but it is how much time you put into the Word as to what you’ll get out of it.

Beastly Blessings!




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