5 Tips to Make Your Protein Shake Safer

Protein shakes are easy to consume and a great way to ensure you hit your daily protein needs. Everyone in the fitness industry consumes a lot of protein shakes, and we’ve all been guilty of some of these mistakes.

Below are 5 simple tips to make your protein shake safer. Take a look at what you could be doing wrong and find out how to correct them. Use some or all of these simple strategies to make your protein shake safer.

Tip #1 – Never leave your protein shake in the car on a hot day. See tip #4 & 5.

Tip #2 – When introducing a new supplement, everybody’s body is different, so don’t overdo it. Always start out with less than the recommended daily dose; see how your body reacts then, slowly increase to the maximum daily dose.

Tip #3 – Avoid popping pills with your protein shake. Most capsules contain a gelatin coating, cellulose, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate which are hard on the liver to process. Open all capsules unless they are time released and add them to your protein shake.


Beastly Tips

  • Whenever you can, opt for powder over pill form.
  • Vegetarian capsules are the easiest to open.

Tip #4 – Mixing your shake up the night before – Go ahead, mix up your protein powder and liquid the night before; store it in a glass container and transfer it to your shaker cup in the morning.Chemicals from plastic can leech into the liquid this can affect male and female estrogen levels and ability of the liver to function optimally.

NB 1

Tip #5 – Mix protein powder and water ahead of time, but don’t add in any other supplements until you’re ready to drink it. Once you do, drink immediately! It can lose its potency and go rancid quickly.

Beastly Tip

  • If you choose to do tip # 4, mix supplements such as powders and open pills, and store in a glass container. In the morning, dump the mixture into your protein shake.

What mistakes have you been guilty of? Please leave a comment in the section below.

Later this week I’ll be checking out a new organic rice protein powder that just might surprise you!


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