Travel Tip: Breakfast on the Road

Beasty Travel Tip: #2

Some mornings, I’m just not in mood to make up a bite to eat. This morning was one of those mornings. Luckily, I was able to whip up a quick breakfast.

This breakfast takes minimal effort. Samples packets of protein powder and oats are all you’ll need.


One of the hardest things to locate on the road is my favorite gluten free steel cut oats. Before I head out of town, I portion it out into wax baggies, clip it, and put it in a big freezer bag.

  • I always take more than I think I’ll need; it never goes to waste.


I dump my baggie of oatmeal into a bowl and simply rip open a packet of protein powder. Usually I eat it cold. I mix it with bottled water or stir in organic rice milk.

  • I purchase little boxes of organic rice, like the boxed juice kid’s drink.


VSL & Protein powder

When I travel I can’t afford to leave home without my supplements. I pack my VSL in a cooler on ice and add it to my morning meal. Although the little sample packets of protein powder are convenient, I tend to run out quickly when I’m on the road for so long. I always bring an extra bucket of protein powder.

Beastly tips
  • VSL is doctor recommended.
  • VSL should be used on cold foods to maintain it’s highest possible potency. You can gently fold it into your food or sprinkle it on top!
  • You can never have too much extra protein powder on hand.


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