Mercury Content in Fish Oil Pills

What’s in the fish oil pill you’re popping? A daily dose of essential fatty acids, (EFA’s) including omega-3’s can promote and support better overall health including brain health, eye health, fetal growth and development, gastrointestinal health, heart health, nervous system, and can support immune health.

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But now there’s a lot more to consider when selecting fish oil than the EPA or DHA. Just like any supplement, if you are taking fish oil pills every day you’re building up a therapeutic level. Although fish oil can be great, if you’re consuming toxic fish oil the risks can far out weight the benefits.


Fish is becoming contaminated with unnecessary high levels of toxic chemicals, Polychlorinated biphenyl compounds, (PCB’s). PCB’s are released into the environment through improperly managed hazardous waste sites and leaks. They can also be released into our water supply from electrical transformers that contain PCB’s.

What does this mean for you?

Human studies have indicated there are potential non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic side effects from consuming contaminated fish oil. PCB’s have shown cancer in animals, non-cancer, and very serious health related issues that can disrupt the endocrine, immune, nervous and reproductive system.

The supplement industry is well aware of PBC’s and although bottles may have such claims that they remove or reduce PBC’s, an individual can’t determine the toxic load of PBC’s left in the product they are consuming.

Depending on the brand, toxic levels can range from very low to extremely high. To resolve this problem, I’ve made the decision to switch all of my supplements out to what’s called GMP certified. If you see a seal that states a supplement is GMP Pharmacy certified the supplement has gone through very stringent testing to get this seal of approval. This seal also is important because they check for heavy metals.


Currently I’m taking High EPA and DHA from a company called Douglas. I like them because they test for heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants.

Beastly Tips:

  1. Be your own advocate, find companies that are GMP certified.
  2. Once you find several reputable companies, stick with them.
Bottom Line:

The bottom line when selecting a brand, know what’s in the product you’re consuming. Even though you might think you’re getting a good deal, why risk ingesting a supplement day in and day out that has potential in the long run to do more harm than good.

What’s in your fish oil? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the section below.


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