Jim’s Victory with Autoimmune Disease

Hi, my name is Jim Haskayne, aka Squatter from the Muscle and Brawn forum, and I have two incurable conditions or diseases, Birdshot and Facet Joint Arthritis. Lisa Hostetter of nutritionbeast.com has been instrumental in helping me overcome and treat these two devastating conditions.

Birdshot is an inflammatory eye disease, earning its namesake by resembling
gunshot splatter on the retina. There is a 1 in 16 million chance of getting it and,medically speaking, zero chance of specific treatment or cure. Facet Joint Arthritis,of the lumbar region is also incurable and almost always results in a lifetime of hellish pain.

I met Lisa on an online forum, muscleandbrawn.com, after being told by my eye
surgeon and Rheumatologist in the same week, that there was nothing more they
could do for me; I made a video pleading for hope and help. I was also told that I would have to stop Powerlifting. I felt like I was just told I was terminally ill. I cried in my car for a good half hour on both occasions. There seemed to be no hope whatsoever.

Lisa responded to the video with a great deal of enthusiasm claiming she could help me with natural treatment via diet changes and a few supplements, of which I had never heard of before. I was a bit shocked at first, thinking I couldn’t believe somebody actually cared. I also thought, at first, that the recommendations she made were bizarre, but decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Lisa made modifications to my already gluten free diet, due to Celiac Disease. She also rambled off a list of supplements that she felt would assist me in healing my whole body. The plan of attack was to tame my immune system, so that it would stop attacking my eyes and lower back, and then get control of the rampant inflammation in my body.

Approximately 3 weeks after incorporating these changes, I started to notice some improvements in my vision and the Facet Joint Arthritis pain decreasing rapidly.Vision improvements included being able to see at night again and being able to see rainbows again. I was also able to start powerlifting again, due to the fact I had zero pain in my lower back.

Needless to say, my rapidly recovering body dumbfounded the doctors. There was absolutely no medical reason for it, according to them. They even told me to count my blessings, as Birdshot almost always results in a loss of functional vision, and Facet Joint Arthritis almost always results in a life of hell.

Fast-forward a year, and my Birdshot is still dormant and I have zero lower back pain, even when squatting 500 pounds. Internal medicine has confirmed that I am now one of the healthiest males, over 50 in Canada. The doctors told me my health on a cellular level is that of a 25 year old, and he wished among billions of people in the world, that he had my health! My inflammation is now negligible, on a consistent basis as well. Imagine being told that by the Internal Medicine Specialist!

The doctors are now able to prescribe a medication to me that will get full control of the immune system, thus containing the damage in my eye. This is huge, as it means my vision may be saved once and for all. They couldn’t have prescribed this medication unless the inflammation in my entire body was brought under control on a consistent basis.

Yup, Lisa Hostetter is my hero, literally, without question.

Jim Haskayne

Calgary, Alberta, Canada



  1. Lisa, once more I must say you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you
    were able to help Jim. Have you ever thought about doing a seminar?


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