How Much Mercury is in Your Fish?

Fish can be healthy, but too much of a good thing can be bad, especially if you’re consuming fish with a high mercury content.


Wild Alaskan Cod happens to be one of my favorites.

Check out the fish below and see how your fish stacks up.

Fish List:



Artic Cod Mullet
Anchovies Oyster
Butterfish Perch-Ocean
Catfish Pollock
Clam Salmon-Wild, fresh or canned
Crab-Domestic Sardine
Crawfish Scallop
Crayfish Shrimp
Flounder Sole-Pacific
Haddock-Atlantic Squid
Hake Tilapia
Herring Trout-Freshwater
Mackerel-North Atlantic Whitefish and Whiting


Bass-Black, striped Perch-Freshwater
Carp Sablefish
Cod Skate
Croaker-White Pacific Snapper
Halibut-Atlantic, Pacific Tuna-Canned, Chunk Light
Lobster Sea Trout
Mahi Mahi Weakfish


Bluefish Shark
Grouper Swordfish
Mackerel-Gulf, King Tilefish
Spanish Tuna-Ahi, Bigeye, canned Albacore, Yellowfin
Orange Roughy

Keep your consumption in check with these Beastly Tips below.

  1. Avoid ‘high’ levels.
  2. Consume ‘medium’ levels in moderation.
  3. Fill up on ‘lower’ levels.
  4. Out to eat and can’t remember which fish has less mercury? Just remember, smaller fish have less mercury.
Beastly Notes:

Do you take fish oil pills? Mercury is not limited to fish; those fish oil pills you’re consuming can contain mercury too. Check out my article on fish oil. The bottom line, pick your fish wisely.

What fish are you eating? Drop me a line in the comment section below.


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