Gut Healthy Fiber Filled Gluten Free Breakfast Recipe

This recipe is healthy and simple to make. It makes for a filling breakfast. The ingredient list is short, so it’s easy for me to pack. It provides me with an amazing amount of energy and it has been a staple for me while I’m on the road.

Listed below are the ingredients.


Beastly ingredients:

  • These are a few of my favorite things.


I soak the chia seeds and steel cut oats overnight in filtered water.

  • I use 2/3 cup of water for the chia seeds.


In the morning, I combine the oats and chia seeds.

  • You’ll want to use a big bowl.

I add 1-2 scoops of protein powder and stir it a lot. Don’t be shy about stirring it.

  • Stir it until you achieve a pudding consistency.

Beastly Tips:

  1. You may need to add more water until you get the desired consistency.
  2. For a thicker consistency, I add rice milk.

Top with a sliced banana.

Viola’ I sprinkle on my probiotic and eat cold.

Beastly Notes:
  • I find soaking the oats overnight makes them easier to digest.
  • Soaking the chia seeds overnight, helps them form a gel like consistency.
  • To maintain it’s highest possible potency, VSL should be used on cold foods only.
  • Be sure to let this recipe cool down before adding in your doctor recommended VSL.
  • This breakfast is packed with protein, high in omega 3’s and gut friendly.

If you suffer from IBS you may want to eliminate the chia seeds and exchange the banana for your favorite fruit.


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