Aura Cacia: Benefits of Essential Oils

Pick up any bottle of body spray, and you’ll see a long laundry list of ingredients. I bet you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients in the bottle. Recently, I’ve traded in my body spray for something a little more uplifting and healthier, essential oils.

Essential oils are excellent for one’s overall well-being and can provide some amazing benefits. They can change your mood, calm your nerves, up lift your spirits and energize you.

For me, I realized the power of essential oils while I was undergoing chelation treatment. I would sniff lavender essential oils on a cotton ball during treatments. The lavender would help my whole body relax.

The following day, I would swipe peppermint under my nose, on my temples and on the sides of my neck. The peppermint had a remarkable capability of almost instantly alleviating the pounding headaches I received from the treatments I endured.

  • Aura Cacia essential oils are extracted from organically grown botanicals.

My friend Anne sent me this groovy little starter kit and I was eager to give it a try.


Oils nourish the skin.

I’m a big fan of almond oil and always keep some on hand. Oils are great to moisturize the skin after a bath or shower. Hint: sometimes I combine several drops of my favorite essential oil to the carrier oil before I apply it to my skin.

  • I’m hooked on the lavender and peppermint.


Lavender is a relaxing sent and is excellent if you are looking to unwind. Try adding several drops of lavender to your bath. Lavender also works well if your body is under stress. Add several drops to a cotton ball and sniff it.


In the morning, I add 1-2 drops of peppermint oil to the palm of my hand and apply the almond oil to my skin. This clears my head and energizes me for the morning.

Consider making the switch to essential oils if you’re allergy prone, or looking for a cleaner and safer option.

Have you tried essential oils yet? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below.


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