Making the Switch from Plastic to Glass

Ditch the plastic. I have always been concerned about putting hot food in plastic because of leeching. Prior to this article, I thought I was playing it safe by letting my food cool down before freezing it in BPA free storage containers.

Lately, I’ve learned new research shows that some BPA free products may be worse than those that include BPA. BPA’s are considered endocrine disruptors; they mimic natural estrogen receptors. These guys sit in the receptors and block normal function of the endocrine system.

BPA’s can affect both men and women. Women who are exposed to high estrogen levels and e1 are predisposed to breast cancer. In men, exposure has been linked to prostate cancer.

Why risk it?

Years ago milk, orange juice, and other juices were packaged in glass bottles. You are better off with glass or stainless steel.

Make the switch

How does your kitchen stack up?

I’m saying ‘good bye’ to all of my old BPA free plastic in favor of glassware.

I’ve ditched my plastic water bottles.


I’m loving these stainless steel water bottles; they hold a large amount of water and are very durable. And great for the gym! Did I mention they can hold your hot coffee too?

I save all of my glass bottles and recycle them. Hint you can find glass bottles like these at the gas station, your local pharmacy and your health food store.


I store my milk overnight in a glass container, so it’s not sitting in plastic overnight.

Beastly Tip # 1

Try this with your tea or your favorite drink.


In the morning I just transfer the milk to a shaker cup and then add one of my favorite protein powders.


I do the same thing post work out. Once I’m done working out, I just transfer my milk to the shaker cup.

Beastly Tip # 2

If you are having trouble switching out all of your plastic at once, try this:


Here is another easy and convenient way to transport a sandwich. I opt for these cute little waxed bags to line some of my containers.

In the long run making the switch from plastic to glass isn’t as hard as you might think. How does your kitchen stack up? Have you made the switch? Let me know in the comment section below.


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