How to Wash and Store Fruits & Vegetables

This morning, I went downtown to the local farmers market, and got a big bushel of grapefruit. I love going there; they have the best produce.

I wanted to walk you through what I do once I bring them home. Even though today I am using my grapefruit as an example, I do this with all of my fruits and vegetables. It’s pretty simple; soak, rinse, pat dry, bag and refrigerate. See below:

This big glass bowl works great to soak all of my produce in; I fill the bowl with good water.
*Alkalized water from a filtered system in the house.

Beastly Tip #1

  • You can always purchase a bucket and use it for just your fruits and veggies.


Once I fill the bowl, I add one dropper full of silver to the water.

*Using the silver ensures that no harmful residue is left on the fruit.

Beastly Tip #2:

  • I find myself saving glass jars and empty bottle droppers for my kitchen. I can always put them to good use. You can pick up something similar to this at a local medical supply store.


I pat them dry, and let them air dry, before I place into storage bags.

Beastly Tip #3:

  • Make sure the produce is thoroughly dry before you place it in the bags.


I picked these green bags up at Bed Bath and Beyond; they contain zeolite which absorbs ethylene gas in produce. This enables produce to stay fresh longer and helps reduce the loss of vitamins.

*I found these fun bright colored clips at Big Lots. They were inexpensive and work great to seal the bags.

Beastly Tip #4:

  • Instead of dumping the used alkalinized water down the drain, I pour it on my patio plants. They grow like weeds because of it.

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