How to Soak Nuts & Seeds

Every nut or seed has a germ layer. By soaking nuts and seeds you can eliminate the acidic layer and toxins. Soaking also helps make nuts and seeds easier to digest. In turn, you get a more nutritionally powerfully dense food to your cells.


I soak them overnight in alkaline water. Alkaline water helps neutralize the acid.
*For this photo, I used mung beans, millet and almonds.


Getting rid of the bad stuff


The water has a milky look to it

I rinse off the residual with clean water in a mesh strainer.

Sometimes the outer layer of the almonds falls off; you can see why they would be easier to digest.

Millet rinses clear

Mung beans, soaked overnight and partially sprouted

Beastly Tips:

  • Keep it simple, scoop out only what you’ll be using for the next day.
  • Try it with all of your nuts and seeds.

Have you tried this, were you surprised how dirty your water was? Let me know in the comment section below.


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