15 Tips: How to Fix a Flat Chest without Cosmetic Surgery

1) Train your chest. Pushups can be done easily from home. Try ball, wall or from the floor pushups.

2) Do flyes. Try dumbbell, cable or machine flyes.

3) Size matters. Make sure you purchase the right size bra.

4) Purchase clothes that will flatter your upper torso. Opt for bright colors with patterns, or embellishments such as sequins, jewels, or some ruffles.

5) Avoid skin tight tops and dresses; they will make you look flatter.

6) If you have limited funds, invest in just one push up bra. Buy it in beige. A beige bra works well under almost anything.

7) Improving your posture will make you look taller. Stand straight, shoulders back, head high and no slouching!

8) Put a smile on your face; it sounds simple, but yes guys tend to notice if you are happy with yourself.

9) The right bra can make all the difference. Purchase a criss cross bra for halter tops and dresses and a strapless bra for strapless tops and sundresses, so you can bare your shoulders. See Tip #10

10) Train your shoulders. Remember those tops with shoulder pads? They were popular for a reason. Broader shoulders will give your upper torso a shape and will make you stand out in the crowd.

11) Train your arms. Training your arms will help you look better overall in a strapless or halter top.

12) Accessories can make or break you. Accessorize with a fun sparkly necklace that hits just above your cleavage. This can be eye catching.

13) Pass on the necklace and accessorize with a pair of long dangling earrings. Leaving your neck bare will help elongate the neck and draw attention where you want it to go.

14) Dust shimmer powder lightly on your chest to add highlights. Shimmery powder and sparkles accentuate your features and are great for holidays.

15) With a makeup brush, gently brush blush between your breasts. Doing so will create a shadow and gives the illusion of cleavage.

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