15 Simple Steps for a Happier and Healthier New You

This year is coming to a close, but why wait until the New Year for a happier healthier you when you can start now? These tips are not your typical tips; in fact, they are probably considered the underdogs.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference; I consider these tips rare gems, my gift to you. You may be wondering how do I know they work? Simple, I do them. Try them and let me know what you think.

1) In the cold winter months, we tend to consume extra coffee to stay warm. Make the switch to organic coffee; it is less acidic.

2) Feeling worn out or beat up from lifting all year? Heavy training can be hard on your joints. Solution: Try 1 scoop of collagen on an empty stomach prior to bed. Collagen can renew damaged tissue, provide healthier joints and regulate insulin levels. It also can contribute to a more restful night’s sleep. And who cannot use that at this time of year?

3) In today’s society a sluggish liver tends to be common place because of the food we eat and the toxins we are exposed to in our environments on a regular basis. Consider supplementing with a good quality liver pill which includes milk thistle. This will keep your liver functioning more efficiently. Find more liver tips here.

4) Drink your greens. Greens can be easily assimilated and provide a healthy energy boost. Greens has been shown to improve immune function, promote healthy aging and alkalinity.

5) Have you been stuck indoors and haven’t seen the light of day since the first sign of snow flurries? Ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels; you may need to increase them at this time of year.

6) As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, grab a glass of water. Rehydrating after a long nights sleep keeps your organs functioning properly, gives you a healthy younger glow and will keep your skin moist. Find out more and take a water consumption poll.

7) Drinking water and staying properly hydrated can be a good thing. But do yourself a favor and steer clear of plastic bottles. At home drink from a regular drinking glass or a coffee mug. When out on the town, bring a stainless steel container and fill it with filtered water before you leave the house.

8) Stiff and achy from weight training? Treat yourself to a chiropractor adjustment. Regular adjustments can keep your spine and hips aligned. This in turn can prevent injury during training sessions.

9) Now that you have had a chiropractic adjustment, get a massage. A massage can help to soothe sore muscles, promote healing and calm inflammation.

10) Words speak volumes, so watch what you say and how you say it to others. The way you treat other’s will be returned to you. The words that come out of your mouth can affect and impact your whole day. It’s all in the attitude.

11) Have a healthier gut; take probiotics daily.

12) Replace your hand sanitizer with Silver hand gel. The majority of hand sanitizers have alcohol in them; they can also be extremely drying to your skin. Silver on the other hand promotes healing for cuts and protects your hands by providing a barrier from bacteria. Take a tube to the gym during flu season. Learn more about the benefits of Silver here.

13) Purchase some new gym gear. You know you want to. Consider it an investment if you plan to continue lifting. You can find out more information on Versa Gripps here.

14) Learn how to do oil pulling and the benefits of it. Get started today. Oil pulling is great for detoxifying the whole body and who doesn’t need that after one too many holiday parties this year? To learn more about it, read this.

15) Life is always hectic and chaos seems to be cranked up a notch. Make sure to allow quiet time for yourself. It doesn’t matter what you do, but do give your mind and body a chance to reconnect, rest and unwind.

These tips can make you stronger both in and out of the weight room. Try them all or implement a couple of them. Let us know which ones you try in the comment section below.


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