40 Reasons You’re Obsessed with Your Abs

Recently it seems an epidemic has swept the nation. It is called the Bieber syndrome. You may have heard of it or are experiencing some of the symptoms. I beg you to stop the madness. Listed below are 40 warning signs that you or someone you know have fallen victim to the syndrome. Don’t let this happen to you.

#1) Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner are your idols.

#2) You refuse to have lemon or lime in your water because you are worried the extra calories could hinder your progress.

#3) You cut your milk with water to avoid extra calories.

#4) You exercise 7 days a week.

#5) You obsess over eating too much or worry you are eating too little.

#6) You obsess over the fact that some days your abs ‘pop’ and some days they don’t.

#7) You have given up all meat and gone vegan thinking it will help in your quest for abs.

#8) You refuse to eat healthy fat because you believe it will make you fat.

#9) You only eat half of your protein bar for a post workout meal for fear that the other half will store as fat.

#10) You hardly eat anything after your work out because you hate feeling bloated.

#11) You are a dude, and you use the word bloated in your vocabulary.

#12) You ask everyone what you should be eating.

#13) You have read every book and watched every YouTube video on how to get better abs.

#14) You weigh every ounce of food, and you are not going to compete.

#15) You never eat a cheat meal.

#16) You are always in a caloric deficit.

#17) You worry that brown rice and other complex carbohydrates will keep you from getting abs.

#18) You refuse to eat fruit because of its sugar content.

#19) You avoid eating after the sun sets because you are worried it will turn to fat.

#20) You worry about the sugar content of jam or preserves on your morning toast.

#21) You are concerned that adding seasoning to your chicken will make you hold water.

#22) You worry if you eat fruit before your work out it will store as fat.

#23) You are scared to eat simple carbohydrates post work out because it will store as fat.

#24) You pretend to wipe your brow with your shirt at the gym, so you can check out your abs in the mirror, and so can anyone else in the surrounding vicinity.

#25) You pull your shirt up in the gym and do the vacuum.

#26) When you walk by a store front with your significant other; you pull up your shirt to show off your hard work.

#27) You are scared to get big muscles because you will lose your abs.

#28) You bring your chicken in plastic ware to your work’s holiday party.

#29) You bring you chicken in plastic ware to family gatherings, the movies and out on a blind date.

#30) You weigh yourself every morning to see if you gained a pound.

#31) You measure your waist on a daily basis and panic if it has increased.

#32) You have never done a bulk.

#33) You are always doing a cut.

#34) Carbohydrates is a dirty word to you.

#35) Your ab routine is more elaborate than your weight lifting routine.

#36) On your non-training days you go to the gym to do abs.

#37) You do tons of cardio hoping to strip off every ounce of body fat to reveal your six pack.

#38) You think working out consists of abs and cardio only.

#39) On your off days from abs and cardio you go in to the gym to try a new ab circuit.

#40) It is the one muscle group you care about.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Let us know in the comment section below.


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