20 Reasons Why You’ll Never Have a Six Pack

Abs are all the craze these days. Everybody wants them, but very few will ever get them. Here’s twenty reasons why you’ll never have a six pack.

#1) You will start tomorrow.

#2) You always have just ONE more cheat meal.

#3) You super size every meal.

#4) You don’t know what slow carbs are.

#5) You look forward to Friday’s office meeting because they give out free donuts.

#6) You think that eating clean means washing your hands before you eat.

#7) Your best friend at work is the vending machine.

#8) You constantly whine about your abs, but go out for beer and wings after work.

#9) You ask what the secret is to get abs; once you find out ‘the secret’ you say it’s not worth the effort.

#10) You eat processed crap.

#11) You are always on a bulk.

#12) You think you’re eating clean because the package says low fat or low sugar.

#13) You think that eating clean and limiting your intake of processed foods is only for people with health issues.

#14) You make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of soda and juice.

#15) You refuse to include any weighted exercises in your abs routine.

#16) Your diet consists of Ramen noodles and cookies.

#17) You starve yourself all afternoon and then binge eat.

#18) You consume large quantities of booze.

#19) You eat a dozen bananas a day because you’ve heard fruit is good for you.

#20) You feel it’s not in your cards to have abs, so guess what? You never will!

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