Benefits of Colloidal Silver with Expert Keith Moeller

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Keith Moeller, the Vice President of American Biotech Labs, who produces Colloidal Silver. I was happy to get the chance to discuss the healing benefits of it with him and being of the inquisitive nature, ask a lot of questions too.

I myself take Colloidal Silver and swear by the stuff. I also have recommended it to others. Both my friends and family have had noticeable improvements with their health, by adding it to their daily supplement routine.

Maybe you have heard of Colloidal Silver too. I hope this will provide you with a better understanding of what it is and what it is capable of doing without all of the media hype.

Interview with Keith Moeller

For those unfamiliar with American Biotech Silver, can you tell us a little bit about the product and how you became involved with the company.

keith-moellerWe started the company 16 years ago, we produced silver from mines and were looking for ways to both make more money and do good things, so we started to study silver products in a big way. We found that most of the silver liquids were not very stable; most of the silver would start to drop out after just a little while. We were working to make it more stable and ended up by gift or luck, creating a new Nano silver particle. It was incredibly stable and we found out that it had some amazing modes of action that regular silver did not have.

In lay man’s terms why does it work so well and exactly what does it do?

In general regular silver works because it is ionic and that means that it is missing one electron and it wants it back. It can steal that missing electron from a bacteria or a virus which causes good things to happen for humans. But regular or ionic silver is a one and done technology in the fact that once it steals the electron it is all done and of no more use at all.

In contrast to regular silver, we discovered that the Nano particle we created had many modes of action. It could steal lots of electrons and then shed them and steal many more on an ongoing basis. It also could put out a resonant frequency that would also do good things for people that regular silver cannot.

What are the benefits of it, who should use it and why?

Most people need something that they can turn to if they start feeling sick as a first line of defense. Our Silver Biotics product fits into that category very well. Usually people who take silver get better in about half the normal time, which is what we all want.

Also many people have found that by taking a little bit of Silver Biotics product every day (a few teaspoons) they can help boost their immune system and keep from getting sick in the first place. It is a lot easier to keep you healthy than to fight a sickness once you have it. Usually if you feel sick the pathogen has had sometimes weeks to build up and multiply in your system before you even know that it is there.

So by taking a little bit every day you help your immune system function at a level that keeps things that make you sick away. It is not perfect, but most families find that it is really good at helping them to stay healthy.

Why do you think more people don’t know about it?

Last year we sold more than 1.2 million units of product worldwide, this year we had sold more than a million units by June. So our sales are growing fast and lots of people know we exist. More and more find out every day. You are right in the fact that there are still millions of people who do not know much at all about silver or what it can do to help them.

We have invested millions of dollars in research and testing so that people can get good answers to all their questions about silver. We will continue to work really hard to educate them so we can help them have a better more healthy future.

What makes your silver different from the others that are being sold out there today?

SilverBiotics_32ozThere are many things and some of those discussions can take hours on a scientific basis, but here is a summary:

1) The only silver supplement product so new and innovative that it was awarded many new patents by the US Government. The only one of its kind on the market.

2) Backed by more than 300 scientific studies and reports by more than 60 different Universities, Government and Military labs, Independent private labs etc. With numerous peer reviewed and published medical studies and reports.

3) Even though we are the top product and we are backed by millions of dollars in research, we have always made it a policy to price our products, so that families could afford to buy them. We are one of the lowest priced products on the market.

4) Thousands of tests against problem bacteria, yeast, fungus and viruses.

Is it safe, can it be taken every day, and is there an ideal time to take it? What dosages are recommended?

We have more than 20 safety studies including cytotoxicity studies (does not harm human cells), Human ingestion studies (shows that when you drink it, it hits its high mark in the blood stream in about two hours and gets washed out of the body in about 24 hours), skin sensitivity studies (it has no negative reaction on the skin), three different probiotic studies (shows that it has no negative impact on the good bacteria that your body needs to help with digestion and to protect your cells etc.) LD-50 tests (shows that even at very high dosage levels it had no negative impact on the body.)

Most people use only about 2-3 teaspoons daily to help them keep healthy, but human studies showed that even at levels four times that high, there was no negative reaction in four months of daily use.

Does it help to swish it around in your mouth before swallowing it?

A lot of products probably need sublingual use, and it is probably not a bad idea, but we do not think it is necessary with the use of our Silver Biotics product.

Can you clarify for some of those who are concerned that they will turn blue from taking silver that they will not turn blue.

The blue man look is actually called argyria and it comes from years and years of heavy use of ionic forms of silver liquids. Some of the people who get it drink more than 30 ounces daily of products that can be thousands of ppm’s (parts per million) of silver. It can only come from ionic silver products, NOT Nano particle silver products.

So according to the scientific research you could not get it from our Nano silver products at all, ever, so it is not a concern if you are using the Silver Biotics products. Our safety study showed that our Nano silver products washed out of the body in about 24 hours after people drank it; because it washes out of the body it cannot cause argyria or the blue man look.

I know there is a lot of garbage out there about silver. Can you put our minds at ease?

With hundreds of studies and reports we have on our products, we can answer with independent scientific research, almost any question that any person has about anything related to our silver products. We work hard at producing scientific answers to age old silver questions and will continue to do so.

As new things come up in the future, we will work hard to do new test work, and create new products! For example we will be bringing out a new tooth gel in the next couple of months and several new wound care products to go with the products we already have in the cosmetic and major medical markets.

Why is it considered the first line of defense?

It is always easier to keep a problem from happening than it is to try to get rid of one after you have it. Like the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So a little daily immune support can probably help save you from big health problems later down the line!


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