Healthy High Protein Cinnamon French Toast with Ezekiel Bread

Who doesn’t enjoy French toast, especially on the weekends? When I was a kid, I would always look forward to it when my Mom would make it on the weekend. Of course back then I would smother it with peanut butter and syrup.

This French toast is a healthier version and it is protein packed for not just the weekend warriors, but for fitness minded individuals. I somehow feel a little less guilty when I make this.

Before I get started, I coat a large skillet with cooking spray and place it on the stove top.
I grab a large mixing bowl, a whisk, the almond milk and a carton of eggs.

I pour ½ cup of almond milk into my mixing bowl. In the bowl I add 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites. I whisk together the milk, eggs and egg whites until combined. Once combined, I add 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder and ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon. I continue to whisk until all of the ingredients are mixed.

Next I remove 4 slices of Ezekiel bread from their wrapper. I take one slice of bread at a time and soak it in my mixture until it is nice and soggy. Ezekiel bread tends to be slightly thicker bread, so you’ll want to make sure you really let it get really soggy.

I place the slice of soaked bread onto the skillet. I proceed to do this with the remaining 3 slices of bread, soaking each slice and then placing it on the skillet. At this point my mixing bowl only has a thin layer of mixture left in it. If you have a lot of the mixture left, you need to soak the bread a little more.

I place the skillet on the stove top on medium high. Depending on your skillet you may only be able to fit 1-2 slices at a time. That is okay because it does not take too long to cook. I find it takes about 2 minutes to become golden brown. When it is slightly browned I flip the slices of bread with my spatula and let them cook for 1-2 more minutes, making sure they are cooked all the way through.

Visually you can tell they are cooked thoroughly when they are golden brown. I can usually tell they are done by the way they smell too; there is a wonderful smell of cinnamon that fills my kitchen. Once they are cooked all the way through; I remove them from the skillet onto glass plates with my spatula. I like to serve them up while they are still warm and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Yields 2 servings

Macronutrient Breakdown

Per Serving

  • 457 calories
  • 40 grams of protein
  • 46 grams of carbs
  • 14 grams of fat

Recipe Notes

For a healthy addition, you could top this with Greek yogurt or ricotta cheese and some fresh fruit, blueberries or strawberries work well. You could also add almonds or walnuts on top of the fruit.

Considering going gluten free? Try this yummy gluten and lactose free French toast.

Have you tried this recipe? What did you add on top? Let me know in the comment section below.


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