What Is The Strangest Food You Have Ever Eaten?

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Those of us who live a healthy lifestyle in the fitness community sometimes eat pretty mundane foods. It is all too easy to become a creature of habit, day in and day out eating the same foods.

What’s that you say, mundane, my chicken, broccoli and brown rice? How about something different, or better yet; what is the strangest food you have ever eaten?

I polled a group in the fitness community from bodybuilders, fitness competitors to powerlifters and strongman. Needless to say chicken, broccoli and brown rice did not make the list!

The Strangest Food You Have Ever Eaten Is?

  • Morning Star Bacon Strips, the Veggie Bacon Strips.
  • Cactus, pickled cactus.
  • I am certain I ate horse while I was deployed in Turkey. I can only guess what I ate in Iraq while eating with the local sheiks. I have developed a cast iron stomach.
  • Calf and lamb testicles.
  • When I was in basic training we were given cherry pies. It was 8 weeks in and we were out in a field; it was raining, and I accidentally dropped my pie in the mud. I scooped that sucker out and ate it, mud and all.
  • I worked at a slaughter-house and could pick up raw sheep, goat and bull testicles for free.
  • Yak tongue soup in Mongolia was pretty weird. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately, I have been to a lot of weird places and eaten a lot of weird foods.
  • I’ve eaten veal sweet breads, (thymus glands of baby cow) and lamb testicles. Preserved duck egg and tripe prepared a few different ways too. I don’t consider these strange; they are main stream to me. I am in the culinary field.
  • The most unusual thing I’ve had off a menu was fish bladder soup. I also had a weird dish in New York, it might have been Moroccan. It seemed to have meat and some sort of caster sugar.
  • I have most likely eaten it if it runs, crawls, swims, flies, or sits still long enough for me to get a hold of it.
  • In Peru it was considered good luck if you got the chicken talon in your soup. I guess I was the luckiest guy in my group, I got it.
  • I had piranha, iguana, black gator, goat intestines, boll us (some kind of boiled thingy in Columbia) and a frozen thingy from a street vendor that gave me a horrible case of dysentery.
  • Squirrel, probably. Though I have had tongue and eye tacos. I have no idea what animal it was from, but it wasn’t bad.
  • I am very picky about what I eat. If I do not know who made it, what is in it, or if it does not look or smell appetizing I do not eat it.
  • I don’t know; I think New England Steamers, some form of clam? Yuck!
  • Camel, it was heavily spiced and very fatty.
  • When I was six years old, at a family dinner; they forced me to eat an assortment of tongues, lamb, buffalo and horse.
  • Pickled pig feet. They taste good, but have a freaky texture.

We have all tried some crazy foods either unintentionally, due to circumstances, or some just for fun.

You don’t have to think so far outside of the box, but next time you head for your same old piece of chicken; consider trying something different. It certainly won’t kill you!


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