Product Review: Banyan and BO Premium Yoga Strap by Gaiam

Recently I underwent hip surgery; it was recommended by my physical therapist that I should purchase this strap. Several weeks after the surgery I was able to use this strap to help improve my flexibility. Although I have taken several yoga classes and occasionally have done a DVD at home, it never crossed my mind that a yoga strap could come in handy. If it weren’t for the surgery, I would’ve never picked up this yoga strap.


I found mine at Target for $12.89. You can pick one up and try it for yourself online at, and on other online stores. This particular yoga strap sells for $12.89-$15.29.

Yoga straps have become increasingly popular. A yoga strap can be used to help achieve a more stable pose during yoga practice. It can help beginners achieve better flexibility. This will result in proper alignment of your body and help you achieve a steady and stable pose.

  • The strap has a smooth texture and is tightly woven.
  • At the end of the strap is has adjustable metal rings.
  • The metal rings allow you to adjust the length of the strap, so you can do a variety of poses.


  • This strap loops easily around my foot.
  • It provides me with a great stretch because currently I am tight after the surgery and can’t reach down to my toes.
  • I take it with me to the gym to do my stretching.
  • Once I can start training my legs again; I plan on using this strap for a good stretch before I start and when I finish leg day.
  • It doesn’t take up much room and would be easy to pack for a vacation.

For Those of You Who Practice Yoga 

  • The yoga strap can assist with the seated forward bend.
  • It could help with the bridge position.
  • The strap also assists in lengthening an individual’s arms and legs.  


  • Honestly I really can’t think of any, other than if it is just not your cup of tea.


As I stated I would’ve never purchased this item if it weren’t for the surgery. I am giving it a 5/5. Not only will I continue to use it to rehab my hip, I will incorporate it into my stretching routine on leg day. I have done yoga in the past and consider myself pretty flexible, but this strap could surely help you achieve better flexibility and a steadier pose. I am happy with the purchase and you can find it in my gym bag.

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