Converse All Star Low Tops Review: Pros and Cons

Product: Converse All Star Low Tops

I had been wearing a thicker soled athletic shoe for weight lifting. I heard nothing but good things about the Converse All Star shoe for lifting. I decided to pick up a pair and try them for myself. I got them in the store at Journey’s.


You can find them online at,, and Journey’ I have also seen them at a lot of stores, Journey’s, Kohls, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Rack Room.

Converse All Star Low Tops are a flat rubber soled sneaker. Originally they became popularized for basketball. Today they are worn by a variety of people from rock stars, skateboarders to weightlifters. Powerlifters adore these shoes because they are flat soled and give them superior leverage when pulling weight.

The sneaker itself is made of canvas and has a flat rubber sole.


  • They are very durable and have worn well. My shoes have taken a pretty bad beating and they are still holding up.
  • They are comfortable and light weight on my feet.
  • The flat rubber soles make them appropriate for weight lifting.
  • If chalk gets on them you can clean them up with soap and water. That is if you want to.
  • They come in a wide variety of colors.
  • They are a very versatile shoe. I wear them out with jeans or a sundress in the summer.


  • If you are used to a thicker sole sneaker, they may take you a while to get used to.
  • The sizes are a little confusing. A Man’s size 5 = a Woman’s size 7. Normally I wear a size 8 and I had to purchase a size 7.
  • Shopping online is much more convenient, but it is best to try them on in the store.


I like the basic and I love my low tops. I give them a 5/5 rating. They are the only shoe I wear in the weight room. I also own them in a couple of colors and wear them out because they are so comfy.



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